Aladdin Bi-Flex 4 / Giving YOU the ultimate in flexibility

Photograph of 'Aladdin Bi-Flex 4 / Giving YOU the ultimate in flexibility'

Gaffered to walls or in one of its soft boxes this ultra-light and bright 200W flexible LED light with bi-color has a crazy amount of applications. Built up it has a similar form factor to a Kinoflo 44 but with a lot more output, bi-colour and weighs next to nothing. Due to its large size it can light a large scene and in its soft boxes it makes an amazing interview or beauty light. You can disassemble its frame and pack it down into a small tube and take it with you anywhere in the world.
Prepare to be impressed!
Replaces / Kinoflo 44, Diva light, Celeb light, heavier less portable led lights

Techy stuff:
• 2900k – 6400k
• Flexible
• Dimming to 5%
CRI over 97
• Bi colour
• Weights 2 pounds
• Can be battery powered
• Super compact
• Beam angle 140 deg
• Dimensions 1080×300×5mm