Arri Amira / Super 35mm 4K, 2K & HD / 200 FPS

Photograph of 'Arri Amira / Super 35mm 4K, 2K & HD / 200 FPS'

Features include

  • Apple Prores 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 for direct ingest and editing
  • New C Fast memory cards
  • Up to 200fps recording
  • HD, 2k and 4K recording
  • Minimal start up time
  • Vented and weather sealed to perform in all extremes
  • Comes pre loaded with a number of 3D LUT’s that can be applied while filming
  • You can also build your own LUT’s in external grading systems, load them and even modify them in camera.
  • You can also create your own look inside the camera, and all looks can be ‘burned in’ or used for monitoring refferance for post grading.
  • Will run from conventional V lock batteries
  • Full menu control via the viewfinder
  • OLED evf
  • 4 channels of audio

The Arri Amira features every ones favourite sensor from the amazing Alexa camera. It can be configured as single operator eng / doc style or fully loaded into drama / commercial mode. The addition of internal ND filters, 3 pin xlr audio and the ability to shoot your images flat or apply a look which you can bake in when recording are just some of the killer new features, and the loss of weight over the Alexa combined with the addition of UHD recording, EF and B4 mounst and the ability to adjust the shoulder pad an evf to achieve amazing balance on your shoulder add up to a camera that has redefined the meaning of versatile and has no equal.
A new super fast CF card system means it can record at 200fps constant at up to 2K, and its Alexa style interface operated through the pop out screen on the side of the evf means all user adjustments can be made very easliy and quickly.