Canon EOS 5D Mk3

Photograph of 'Canon EOS 5D Mk3'
  • full frame / 22 megapixel
  • improved low light ability
  • full hd for monitor viewing
  • reduced aliasing, moiré
  • audio features include / headphone jack/ level meters on screen / adjustable levels while filming
  • 29 min clip recording
  • 2 recording formats / ‘all I’ giving up to 90 mbps recording
  • time code
  • 50 and 60p for slomo
  • lenses available include the full Canon range plus Zeiss zf cine mod primes, lens baby.

This Canon EOS 5D mk3 improves on the incredibly successful 5D mk11 with some major advances in its low light performance, audio capability, increased bit rate, longer recording times, and a more rugged and durable camera body design. It also takes great photos!
Technicolor cinestyle is also loaded onto the camera to give you a huge increase in latitude if you so desire.