NEW! Dedolight DLED 12 Daylight / LED is getting serious

Photograph of 'NEW! Dedolight DLED 12 Daylight / LED is getting serious'

With 300W of Dedolight daylight led power being maximized through a brilliant aspherical lens design this is a powerfully creative lighting tool for the new generation of productions choosing to use more and more led technology with all the benefits it offers. Incredibly shapeable, dimmable, with a built in ballast to keep it easily portable, this light is effectively an led hmi. Pop in some cto gel and it is tungsten as well.
Replaces: 575 & 800W HMI

Techy stuff
• Dedolight aspherics2 optics
• Focusing range 65-8 degrees
• Built in ballast
• Power consumption 308W
• Dimming from 100-0%
DMX control
• Super quiet fan cooling system
• Weight 11kg