Sony NEX-FS700E / Super 35 sensor / 200 fps at 1080

Photograph of 'Sony NEX-FS700E / Super 35 sensor / 200 fps at 1080'
  • Built-in ND filters Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64
  • Lenses available include Zeiss CP2 super speeds, Zeiss zf cine mod primes, canon ef zooms and prime lenses with aperture control from the camera body via an adaptor.
  • 2k raw continuous recording can be done at 100 and 200 fps onto the Odyssey 7Q recorder, as well normal frame rate 2k. Hi speed is captured as cinema dng files.
  • The camera records internally as AVCHD, at a data rate of 28 Mbps. All formats are 8-bit, 4:2:0, long-GOP.
  • The HDMI live signal is 4:2:2 uncompressed at 8 bit. Timecode can be sent out HDMI for offboard recorders.
  • The SDI output is 3G (3 GHz), so it also supports native output at up to 1080/60p, with 4:2:2, 8-bit sampling.
  • Also note that there is no Clear Scan recording on the FS700, often used to eliminate flicker from computer monitors.
  • S&Q mode is available while utilizing the entire active area of the sensor, without windowing or line-skipping.
  • At 100 and 200fps, the camera reads the entire sensor, capturing full-res 1920×1080 frames (though with somewhat coarser demosaicin). The camera will grab about 16 seconds of 100fps footage or 8 seconds of 200fps footage before its buffer fills up.
  • The FS700's timecode generator has: rec run, free run, preset, regen, and the ability to put time-of-day in the user bits. There is no genlock input or capability.
  • The FS700 inherits cine gammas from the XDCAM EX line of equipment. These gammas provide a film-like, S-curved highlight rolloff,

This latest NXcam series camera creates superb images from its super 35 sensor, and is very popular for use in sports, corporate films and factual productions. It has improvements such as built in ND filters, but it’s the ability to shoot 200 fps at 25p [240 @ 24p] in full 1080, and 400 fps at 720 which makes this camera so special. Combine with a Convergent design 7Q for 100 or 200fps RAW recording or an Atamos Samurai recorder and you have a broadcast quality camera.
All of our modular style cameras have rig systems which allow you to transfer directly form tripod to shoulder mount without any fuss or kit adjustment, just as you would with a traditional shoulder mount camera.
The camera can be detached from the rig in seconds to become a body only if required