Sony PDW-F800 / XDcam HD Disc Camera / 50 mbps 4:2:2

Photograph of 'Sony PDW-F800 / XDcam HD Disc Camera / 50 mbps 4:2:2'

Features include:

  • All Pal and NTSC frame rates, including SD recording options
  • 2/3-inch Power HAD FX progressive CCDs
  • HyperGamma and user-selectable gamma curves.
  • Slow & Quick Motion [ over and under cranking]
  • Slow shutter
  • Interval recording
  • A stop faster than PDW-700
  • Four-channel 24-bit audio recording
  • Split ND and Colr temp filter wheels

The PDW-800 sits at the top of the XDcam range of broadcast cameras using ultra reliable and long recording optical discs, and is a great camera for a huge variety of productions. With its classic Sony ergonomics, split filter wheels, slomo ability and low light sensitivity it is an excellent camera from an operators pov.

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