Sony PMW F3 / PL mount Super 35mm Digital Cinema Camera

Photograph of 'Sony PMW F3 / PL mount Super 35mm Digital Cinema Camera'
  • XDCAM EX workflow / 1920 × 1080 / MPEG-2 Long GOP codec / 35 mbps
  • Records to highly reliable Sony SxS memory cards, with a 32 gig card recording for 112 minutes.
  • Nikon and B4 lens mount options are also available to increase the cameras versatility.
  • Higher rates of recording to meet broadcast requirements and for use with cgi etc can also be achieved with the use of external recorders such as the Sound Devices Pix 240 and the Convergent Design Nano Flash.
  • Slow and quick motion [ also know as over and under cranking ] 25 to 60 fps are recorded at 720p, 1-25fps can be 1080.
  • 3D System Link option
  • Supports all Pal and NTSC frame rates
  • Selectable Gamma Curves
  • High-quality Uncompressed Audio Recording
  • Lens options for this camera include:
    • Zeiss ZF cine mod primes
    • Red zooms
    • DP Optimo zooms
    • Cp2 primes
    • Canon HJ11 & HJ22 lenses, all PL lenses.

The first little camera with a big sensor from Sony keeps producing amazing images and is compatible with a huge selection of lenses. We have versatile and user friendly rigs for you made by people who actually use them. Combine with the light weight Samurai recorder for broadcast mbps or increased data for cgi, graphics etc.

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