Sony PMW F55 / Super 35mm CMOS / 4K / 2K / HD

Photograph of 'Sony PMW F55  / Super 35mm CMOS / 4K / 2K / HD'

Features include

  • 16-bit RAW 2K/4K recording options with bolt-on AXS-R5 recorder
    Capture RAW at your choice of resolutions: the camera's native 4K or derived 2K. RAW recording preserves the greatest latitude for colour correction and other post processes. Sony RAW retains 16 times as many Red, Green and Blue gradations as 12-bit RAW and 64 times as many tones per channel as 10-bit recording.

*Global shutter

* AXS-R5 records onto ASXM™ memory cards
The bolt-on AXS-R5 recorder records onto high-capacity AXSM™ memory cards, Once on a PC, the RAW files can be screened using Sony's free RAW Viewer software.

* Choice of HD/2K/4K internal recording formats

The F55 CineAlta camera allows you a choice of internal recording formats in addition to 16-bit RAW 2K/4K recording output onto the AXS-R5. The camera incorporates high-speed SxS PRO+ memory card recording that also allows the choice of 8-bit MPEG-2 HD422, 50Mbps.

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The Sony PMW F55 gives you the flexibility to record in 4K, 2k and HD internally on SXS cards, and 16 bit RAW 4K or 2K on the optional external recorder.
The sensor has a superb 14 stop dynamic range and fantastic low light sensitivity. Its FZ mount means you can switch between PL and Canon EF and Nikon mounts with ease if required.
High speed shooting is available up to 60 fps 4K and180 fps 2K internally and 240 fps 2KRAW with optional AXS-R5 recorder.