Sumo 100+ light / Big power-small light

Photograph of 'Sumo 100+ light / Big power-small light'

This is your smaller than normal yet powerful LED panel light with interchangeable optics to give you different spreads of light as required. You can run it as a hard light or fit its high quality soft box and diffusion and get a beautiful soft lighting effect. Available in daylight only for max power or bi-color.
Replaces: larger light panels with less power

Techy stuff
• Runs on mains or V lock batteries
• Powerful Output up to 1,800 Lux [167 fc] at 3m [10 ft]
• Interchangeable Optics for 30°, 60° Beam Angle
• 0-100% Dimming Range
• Flicker Free at Infinite Frame Rates
• Passive Cooled, No Fans or Moving Parts
• 90 W, 12-48 V DC input for V Mount Battery
• Fixture Weight 2 Kg